Trend inequality-adjusted happiness in nations

Inequality-adjusted happiness is an index which denotes the degree towhich a country combines a high average level of happiness with low inequality in happiness. The index gives equal weight to level and inequality of happiness. Its theoretical range is between 0 and 100.
Computation: iah = 4 + 9.6 m - 3.97sd, where: m is mean and sd is the standard deviation of a happiness distribution.
The concept and computation is discussed in Veenhoven, R. & Kalmijn, W. Inequality adjusted happiness in nations. Egalitarianism and utilitarianism married together in a new index of societal performance. (paper under review).






Trend average happiness in nations
Trend inequality of happiness in nations
Computed from hl3_us and eqhl3_us iah_us USA 1946
life satisfaction
Computed from ls4_be and eqls4_be iah_be Belgium 1973
Computed from ls4_de and eqls4_de iah_de Germany (re-united) 1990
Computed from ls4_dee and eqls4_dee iah_dee Germany (former East) 1990
Computed from ls4_dew and eqls4_dew iah_dew Germany (former West) 1973
Computed from ls4_dk and eqls4_dk iah_dk Denmark 1973
Computed from ls4_eu8 and eqls4_eu8 iah_eu8 EU-8* 1973
Computed from ls4_fr and eqls4_fr iah_fr France 1973
Computed from ls4_gr and eqls4_gr iah_gr Greece 1981
Computed from ls4_ie and eqls4_ie iah_ie Ireland 1973
Computed from ls4_it and eqls4_it iah_it Italy 1973
Computed from ls45_jp and eqls45_jp iah_jp Japan 1958
Computed from ls4_lu and eqls4_lu iah_lu Luxemburg 1973
Computed from ls4_nl and eqls4_nl iah_nl Netherlands 1973
Computed from ls4_pt and eqls4_pt iah_pt Portugal 1985
Computed from ls4_sp and eqls4_sp iah_sp Spain 1985
Computed from ls4_uk and eqls4_uk iah_uk UK (Great Britain) 1973

Weighted average: EU-8 = Belgium x 0.037423 + Denmark x 0,19263 + France x 0,213337 + West-Gernamy x 0,243826 + Italy x 0,211549 + Luxemburg x 0,0001503 + Netherlands x 0,056975 + UK x 0,216118

Same variable in datafile 'States of Nations': Inequality-adjusted happiness