To facilitate trend analysis of happiness in nations

Nations in which the distribution of happiness is assessed by means of general population surveys over a period of at least 20 years and involving at least 10 comparable datapoints

Coverage  at 1-10-2013
1946-2012: 1 nation (USA)
1958-2013: 1 nation (Japan)
1973-2013: 9 nations (Belgium, Britain (Great), Denmark, France, Germany (West), Ireland, Italy, Luxumburg, Netherlands (EU9)
1975-2012: 1 nation Australia
1981-2013: 1 nation (Greece)
1985-2013: 2 nations (Spain, Portugal)

Average happiness
Inequality of happiness
Happy life Years
Inequality-adjusted happiness
Life expectancy

Data file
The data are stored in an SPSS-file (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) named Trendnat.
This file is free available on request. See user-information.

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Veenhoven, R. (201?)
Trends in Nations: Data file to be used for the analysis of trends of happiness in nations
World Database of happiness, Erasmus university Rotterdam
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